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Triplenode var.Tavares


New genetics that are being introduced to the world. Triplenode grows with triple nodes on each nodular intersection from seedling. These genetics have been selectively bred to enhance this new mutation into the next generation. Triple nodular growth will result in much denser bud production and more budding sites. 50% more bud. 50% more hash. 50% more oil. 50% more rope or fibres. Very rare genetics and never seen before. As rare as the main attraction in every zoo around the world (white panda, albino Tiger etc..).  Genetically enginered and modified naturally without any chemicals. Increase your profits 50% more. Works great in "Scrog" (screen of green). Fills up the screen very well. More "scrog" less plants ! This batch of seeds came from a seedling mother  with 12 triplenodes high, from germination. Blew me away, as I was very impressed that the growing pattern continued up to the 12th node.  The Triplenode is a very thirsty plant that loves wet roots which would be great for "flood tables" as well, due to the plants ability to absorb an unbelievable amount of water through its root system.  World wide discovery done here in the good old "Steel City" (Hamilton). From Hamilton's breeding laboratory and now available to the world. Latest evolution of pot domestication (year 2006).  First topping will result in triple the tops, more than what we are all used to. Once you go Triplenode you'll never go back. The sky is the limit. Good Luck !!

Growing tip: Top seedling after last triplenode (5-12th node).


$400.00 + tax   (10 seeds)



Fresh batch of Sandy69 seeds of 2009.  Exclusively inbred for it's purity. Commercial cash crop !

$200.00 + tax  (10 seeds) 


30% THC

Through many years of selective breeding and extensive research, I have finally almost come to releasing a stable "30%THC"  founded and bred exclusively by Rickyseeds, from my private collection.  Valuable and almost priceless genetics  that need to be shared and released to the world !

Warning: Very strong, psychoactive and pain numbing medicine. FOR MEDICAL USERS ONLY.  Cancer, epilepsy and other chronical neurological disorders !

Flower: 8 weeks finish indoor. September 15th finish outdoor for southern Ontario, Canada.

$100.00 + tax  (10 seeds)


30% THC #2

Breeder seeds COLLECTION. Best quality chosen bloodlines !

$200.00 + tax (10 seeds)




$100.00 + tax  (10 seeds)




This is a cross of Frankenbud cross pollinated by a Sandy69. Stout, single cola with little branching crossed a few times to thicken. Has a nice fruity, berry smell and taste and smokes smooth... Crossed with Sandy69 for a longer lasting buzz. Easy to grow and very forgiving.

veg. for 1 1/2 weeks (8") finish 7-8 weeks.
yield: 1 to 2 ounces of bone dry pot with 3 to 3 1/2 feet finish (soil).

$100.00   + tax  (10 seeds)

China Town

$100.00 + tax  (10 seeds)


Purple Princess

   Smells exactly like Blueberries and is very nice pleasant
uplifting high excellent taste and a true beauty that also flowers in
45-55 days.  Purple Princess  is a 50/50 indica sativa hybrid that is  purple !!!

$100.00 + tax  (10 seeds)


Purple Princess #2

Breeder seeds COLLECTION. Best quality chosen bloodlines !

$200.00 + tax (10 seeds)


Princess Sandy

A Sandy69 male  was used to dust and pollinate my lovely Purple Princess females.

$100.00 + tax  (10 seeds)


Marky Mark

Thin and long leaves.  Mostly sativa, growth pattern.

$100.00  + tax  (10 seeds)



100% autoflowering under any photolight length period including 12/12 and 18/6. Berry sweet smell. Grows to 12 inches finish. Ruderalis/Lowryder bloodlines. These plants have many many benefits for all of the growers who do not have control of daylight lengths or indoor growlight "lights on" lengths of time. Beats the new "smart meter" hydro problems that many growers have while battling  hydro monitoring utility companies. This plant does not vegetate. No cloning and no mommas. You can only grow these genetics out from seed, only. Flowers/buds finish in 8 to 10 weeks depending on growers preferred potency and taste !

$300.00  + tax  (10 seeds)










These are genetics from Hygro Seeds stock (F2's). Their description for the Kiwi is:Indoor/Outdoor
This Kiwi strain is 100% landrace sativa from New Zealand. Very easy to grow, has many long semi compact buds which is typical of most sats. I grew a couple in the grow room, but it took some creative bending and tying down because they will get around 10-12 ft. so it’s best if you have this one outdoors. Will take from 12-14 weeks to mature. Extremely mold resistant. Potent cerebral high so use accordingly. Trippy and very stinky ! Knee trembler !

Specifications: ~ Flower: 12-14 weeks ~ Height: 10'-12'

Note : outdoors southern Canada, ready in mid Sept.

$100.00  + tax  (10 seeds)  


Kiwi #2

Breeder seeds COLLECTION. Best quality chosen bloodlines !

$200.00 + tax (10 seeds)



Germinating Info

             Storage:  Seeds can be stored at room temperature in a dark place for up to 5 years. 

             Germination:  You will require 1 liter of distilled or bottled water such as Naya, 1/2 teaspoon of bleach (regular bleach, not the one for colors) 1 zip lock bag (sandwich size), 1 J Cloth brand dishtowel or a clean piece of loose knit Cotton.   I prefer the J Cloth as it can retain moisture yet it is also very porous. Mix the bottled water with a haIf a teaspoon of bleach.  By now you are thinking “Bleach? That is going to kill my seeds”, well don’t.  This subject has been debated but never proven.  Chlorine is already present in tapwater, and many have germinated using tap water. The reason for the bottled water is to avoid using too much chlorine as well as avoiding any Impurities that can be found in tap or well water.  What the bleach will do is prevent mold from growing, as you will be storing these seeds in very humid conditions for the next few days to about a week.  This amount of bleach will not harm nor affect the seeds at all. Once the mixture is ready, take your J-Cloth (check WalMarts if you still don’t know what a J-Cloth is) and fold neatly into four so it fits in your zip lock bag.   Submerge it into your mix of water and bleach and let soak.  Remove it and ring out the excess water.  The cloth does not need to be dripping wet, just wet to the touch.   Seeds require air as much as they require water.  Over watering can and will prevent seeds from opening.  Carefully take your seeds and place them inside the fold of the J Cloth.   Spread them out and fold over the J-Cloth.  Place inside the zip lock bag and blow some air inside, seal and now just look for a warm place to keep the bag.  The top of your refrigerator should work fine but just make sure it is not in direct sunlight. The darker the area, the better.  Make sure you do not have a cold or are smoking when you blow air into the bag.  Germs and carbon monoxide can kill your seeds. Check every 12 hours to see if any seeds have exposed their taproot.  If so, carefully transplant into your medium or dirt.  Blow some more air in the bag and seal if there are still seeds that have not opened. Some seeds do take longer than others to germinate so you should give it at least 3 weeks before you can be certain remaining seeds will not germinate.  Please take note that if the seeds open and a taproot starts, then the seed is fine.  Once transplanted, if there is a problem with the seedling, it is not because of the seed. There is a problem with the rest of your procedure. Blaming the seed is really not the way to go. Different strains need different conditions so be careful with which strain you work with and how to maintain it. Some prefer less nutrients than others, this is relative to the strain you are growing and data should be kept to support each different strain you attempt.